Tasting + Musing
May be found cooking, baking or wandering.




Language is a medium for communication, but it relies on a mutual understanding. To me, food and the experiences around it is one of the most common and powerful languages, as it is able to bring together those who may otherwise be separated by physical or cultural barriers. Tasting + Musing was conceived with the intention to allow for the sharing of such personal experiences and ideas. It is a record of the journeys led primarily by the exploration of flavours, although it may sometimes be guided by shear curiosity through the looking glass.



Flavour led experiments. Delving into the world of taste through cooking. A series on seasonal produce.



Palate led adventures. Getting to know cities and neighbourhoods through tasting. A digest of culinary experiences.



Curiosity led creations. Satisfying the fascination on anything dough (or batter) related. A record of baking obsession.



Aperture led excursions. Discovering alternative perspectives through the looking glass. A collection of analogue adventures.